Wednesday, September 16

It's MINA! Not Minka.

Hey goonie! The lovely United Kingdom has personally granted me 3 gifts (Like a genie. Imagine the queen is a genie. Or even a benevolent fairy godmother, with a fabulous hat collection.):
  • My name. (Well, No i suppose my frightfully young mother gave me that name, because it was the name of her favorite soap star but when all of the other kids names had meanings like "grace" & "precious" i could say i was a town in the UK.)
  • A monarchist symbol. You know, someone to look to in times of... global insignificance
  • Mina UK's fall line up.

Clockwise from top left: Phoenix Dress, Elm Dress, Crinkle Dress, Darling Shrug.



  1. OMG
    So cute. I wish I wasn't broke/could get a job so I could afford gorgeous clothes like these.