Sunday, November 21

I've been really unmotivated to add things here lately and I'm really just feeling like I've outgrown this the way it is now & it's time to start fresh. I'm starting over at
Come check it out!

Thank you.

Monday, November 1

SartoriaLUST. November 2010

November 2010. I found this week when sifting through Sartorialist i was less impressed by the chic minimalism I'm usually attracted to and sought something a little more organic and homegrown. 

Whimsical Majestic Love Tones

I'm hoping everyone recovered from their Halloween hangover more quickly than i did (i was one scary Fairy). I have it on very good authority that tomorrow, Starbucks receives their first shipment of red cups! This means Christmas HYPE. It's my favorite kind of hype, i love Christmas hype more than i love Christmas.  SO to welcome you to the month of November, i give to you some whimsical majestic love tones.

How The West Was Won by Katie Herzig
Long Shadows by Josh Ritter
Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine
King of Anything - Sara Bareilles
What You Know - Two Door Cinema Club
Winter Song - Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson

Friday, October 22

Obsession of the Week:

Luella Pastel Colored Heart Pumps 
by Georgina Goodman:

Adorable no? They remind me of something from Barbie's wardrobe. 

Wednesday, October 20


Among The Multitude by Walt Whitman

Among the men and women the multitude,
I perceive one picking me out by secret and divine signs,
Acknowledging none else, not parent, wife, husband, brother, child, any nearer than I am,
Some are baffled, but that one is not--that one knows me.
Ah lover and perfect equal,
I meant that you should discover me so by faint indirections,
And I when I meet you mean to discover you by the like in you.

get happy.


Je m'excuse my blog neglect lately, a very exciting little thing happened.
My sister birthed a little 'un. Welcome to the world Felix.
Love, Aunt Brittany.

Wednesday, October 13


Fact: I have a pseudo obsessive thought process that revolves around initials. To go to bed at night I pick a theme: like "Things That I can Make", the go through the alphabet, naming all of the things that i could make that start with each letter. So because i need a new consistency in this blog I'm going to pick a random initial & mention all of the wonderful things that start with that particular letter.
 Lady Gaga's "Summer Boy", Lamebook, La Roux's "Im Not Your Toy", Look at This Fucking Hipster, Lancome's Long Lasting Navy Eyeliner, my fake pet lamb Harvey, Etsy's "Berties Closet" Laptop skins, Lauryn Hill, Lava Lamps, Silver Sun Pickup's "Lazy Eye", Leather Boots, Lego Land, Wool Legwarmers, Lemon Juice, The Ap Game "Lemonade Stand", Lentil Soup, Leona Lewis, Leonard Cohen's Poetry, Being a leo, Leopard Print... only in moderation people, my Les Miserables t-shirt, hand written letters, Leslie Feist, Vodka Slime, Christmas Lights, Lia Sofia Bangles, The phrase "Librarian Chic", THIS Licorice comic, Lional Barrymore, Rosebud Lipgloss, Benefit Cosmetics' "Magic Ink" Liquid Liner, List making..., Literature, Little Burgendy,  "Lizzie Valasquez: The Girl Who Must Eat Every 15 minutes To Stay Alive" (it's a TLC thing), Locks of Love (The Non Profit Charitable Organization i donated my hair to last year), Lomography, Lonely Girl (Omg, does anyone remember her? I loved her stupid youtube videos.), The Looney Toons, Lookbooks, "Lord Of The Flies" by William Golding, "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov, the film Lost in Translation, Lotus flowers, Louis CK, Love, Loyalty, Concordia's Loyola Campus, I Love Lucy, Luella Shoe's, Luminosity Games!, Lunchtime, LUSH bath bombs, Luvshoe's (my patent leather military boots are from luv's they've lasted me at least two seasons so far).

Anyway, Love you

Monday, October 11

Thanking. Giving.

It's yet again the single day of thanks (my first away from home). I am thankful for the chance to start over & over & over again. & to Montreal, for making it easier than it looks. 
Book: Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O'neil
Music: Long Shadows by Josh Ritter
Movie: A Midsummer's Sex Comedy 

Sunday, October 3

SartoriaLUST. September '1O

Sartorial Lust: September is my favorite month of the entire year, 
lots of early fall layering. Ce beau!

Wednesday, September 29

I ain't sayin.


Top Shop Lovin': So you want to be an arts student in Montreal?! There are essentially 4 schools of thought here, two import & two local. 

You're in Studio Art

You're in Contemporary Dance

You're a Local... you do something artsy somewhere.

You're taking fashion at Lasalle

Tattoo Subjects Part Quatre

(Above) I love the placement of these, the feather crossed with what looks like a butcher knife & the beautiful script. (Below) The detail of this piece just blows me away. 

(Left) Not usually my style but i couldn't resist, this is one of the most beautiful conceptualist pieces I've ever seen. (Right) "May Wonders Never Cease"

(Left) I think the places of the birds in flight is really nice (Right) kind of man. 

(Above) There's a lot of thought in terms of placement in this, it's really beautiful. (Below) The style of this is so unique, I imagine it'd be very difficult.