Wednesday, September 29

Tattoo Subjects Part Quatre

(Above) I love the placement of these, the feather crossed with what looks like a butcher knife & the beautiful script. (Below) The detail of this piece just blows me away. 

(Left) Not usually my style but i couldn't resist, this is one of the most beautiful conceptualist pieces I've ever seen. (Right) "May Wonders Never Cease"

(Left) I think the places of the birds in flight is really nice (Right) kind of man. 

(Above) There's a lot of thought in terms of placement in this, it's really beautiful. (Below) The style of this is so unique, I imagine it'd be very difficult.


  1. thank you : ) how do you find these wonderful tattoos?

  2. i think the top photo is a straight razor

  3. Beautiful!!
    I want to commemorate my graduation and i decided to get a new tattoo! ;) it would be something similar to the skeleton key you posted...

  4. the top one is a straight razor.........