Monday, May 25

"Hello, Gorgeous."

Brittany's New Favorite Movie! Funny Girl (1968)

It's "based on the life of Broadway & film actress and comedian Fanny Brice,
her stormy relationship with professional gamble Nicky Arnstein
and her love affair with her own career."
(K, i totally copied some of that off of Wiki, but it's difficult to embody
the plot of this movie in a non specific way... for me.)
Just- it has Barbara Streisand in it... that is all you need to know.

I found a link to it so that i can share the love,
it's split up into 18 parts
which is a bit of a pain in the ass but the movie is worth it.

Watch it here:

Embarrassing Anecdote Time:
I'm so obsessed at this point i began openly weeping today in Starbucks
because i was watching this movie on my laptop
and Barbara S was singing "My Man".

Tuesday, May 12

Etsy Stalking.

Some more Etsy Glory!
This is the artists Website in case you need it. (that's right JUST the T)

(From Left: "I Like Your Scarf", "Come In" & "Love". )

Sunday, May 10

Awkward Turtle: Family Values

In the spirit of Mother's Day and the bringing together of family members in honor of mothers, I can't help notice the true specifics of what makes my family unique to yours. This distinction is likely mental illness, fortunately we appear generally normal, the following website depicts awkward family closeness to make everyone feel better about themselves