Sunday, November 29

Angsty Letters to Crushes

This feels a little bit like a cop out because i only found this website because someone posted it on Bookface, but I'm going to post it anyway. Letters To Crushes is a combination of adorable, awkward prose & really bad angsty teen "my parents grounded me" poetry.

I went to the liberty of picking out some of the more acceptable entries.

Red-haired boy in the supermarket, You’re my favorite. i like that you stock the milk aisle. i like that you look at me a little when i pretend to deliberate between 2% and skimmed. I like your hands. i sometimes pretend we’re married. and i kiss you when you’re off to work, to stock the milk. Alright.
— Green-eyed girl in the supermarket

Lady, I know i told you that you’re not my type, but it turns out you’re exactly it. please get your ish together soon; i’m just trying to buy you waffles.
— Girl

jb, Yesterday, we shared a cab with two others. we sat next to each other. we didn’t speak (much). but skin touching skin, your knee resting against mine, the whole time i didn’t look at you, i was thinking to myself that i would like to feel this comfortable, every day.
— Ruby


I'm not sure how many people are familiar with TOM's shoes, it's a shoe company that donates one pair of shoes to impoverished or war torn communities. I heard about them 2 years ago (?) & i was so into the cause, unfortunately they didn't ship to Canada at the time. HOWEVER, today they have actual stores & have a wide variety of fashion forward, vegan, eco-friendly shoes.

TOM's Philosophy "ONE FOR ONE":
TOMS Shoes was founded on a simple premise: With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for one. Using the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good is what we're all about.

November Be Like...

November 2009

Sunday, November 22

CRAVING Cupcakes

I love you Crave Cupcakes.

More Completely Unnecessary Knick Knacks

My new obsession with finding the most useless shit ever conceived has finally been satisfied, behold the "Everything Else" section of Etsy's wonderful treasures.

From Left: An "original one of a kind" Twilight inspired painting for $15, a lovely brass necklace with a picture of Jesus on it... & a completely unnecessary somehow mystically knotted ball of yarn...

From Left: Bad Luck Banishing Powder (i think if you have actually bought this, a glass bottle with oregano in it can't even save you now) & a beautiful humming bird feeder hat (the sales pitch for this is so excellent "Imagine having two beautiful little hummingbirds feeding just to the right and left of close you can feel the breeze generated by the beating of their wings. You can have this experience with this hummingbird hat!"... it's a helmet... with bird feeders attached)

Ukrainian Egg with a depiction of Samantha from Bewitched on it, Armor made from armadillo bone & a Plush Uterus with a missing ovary.

Saturday, November 21


This is going to seem sort of creepy, but i only recently found out that notorious hat collector & fashion journalist Isabella Blow died in 2007! I found her obit online (because i secretly love reading obituaries) & it's quite lovely to read, i LOVE the last line. Anyway, she was fabulous.

'A cross between a Billingsgate fishwife and Lucretia Borgia." That was how the fashion designer Alexander McQueen once described Isabella Blow, at various times fashion supremo of Tatler, Vogue and the Sunday Times, who has died in hospital aged 48 after suffering from cancer and depression.

She was most famous as a talent-spotter and benefactor to young British designers. She championed McQueen after buying his entire graduate collection in 1992, and discovered and nurtured the milliner Philip Treacy, whose elaborate hats became her trademark. She also discovered the models Sophie Dahl and Stella Tennant.

From 1997 to 2001, she was fashion director of the Sunday Times Style magazine, where I was her assistant. Her distinctive tuberose scent heralded her arrival at News International's drab offices in east London, if you didn't spot one of her Treacy hats on the horizon first. This was the signal to apply lipstick and high heels - according to Isabella, wearing jeans and trainers was a sackable offence. Often, because of the rush, lipstick would end up on my teeth or halfway down my chin, but this was fine because that was Isabella's look, too.

When her expenses became too inflated, she agreed to use the underground instead of taxis, and found that she enjoyed it. I would meet her at the station to show her the back route to the office - it was a daily worry that the sight of her, in stilettos, furs, perhaps her one-legged trouser suit and hat, would cause a road accident on the main dual carriageway.

Isabella - or Izzie, as she was known - said that her love of fashion came from her grandmother, Lady Vera Delves Broughton, a photographer, explorer and hunter. The family had lived at Doddington, a castle with 35,000 acres of land in Cheshire, since the 14th century, but it was sold to pay off her grandfather's gambling debts and, as a child, Isabella could see the castle only from her family's cottage on the estate. Her parents never got over the death of their only son - a two-year-old who Isabella saw drown in the family swimming pool - and she told me they had seemed to lose interest in her and her sisters.

Born in London, she was sent to Heathfield school, in Ascot, Surrey. When she was 14, her mother announced she was leaving the family, shook her hand and said goodbye; Isabella rarely saw her after that. Her father, Sir Evelyn Delves Broughton, remarried. When he died in 1993, he left her £5,000 of his £6m fortune. She was never good at holding on to money, despite lucrative advertising deals and consultancies (notably with Swarovski; she was the driving force behind the reinvention of the crystal company), because her generosity was enormous.

After A-levels and a secretarial course, she took odd jobs, such as cleaning. Even then, she would fashion a dishcloth into an elaborate hat to keep her hair out of her face. She moved to New York in 1979 to study Chinese art at Columbia University. In 1981, she married Nicholas Taylor, but they divorced two years later. Her friend the musician Bryan Ferry introduced her to Anna Wintour, editor of American Vogue, who hired her as her assistant.

She became part of the avant-garde New York scene and was friends with Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jean-Michel Basquiat. She came back to London in 1986 as assistant to the then Tatler fashion director, Michael Roberts. In 1993 she went to British Vogue, and after the Sunday Times returned to Tatler as fashion director.

In 1989, she met her second husband, Detmar Blow, a lawyer and later an art dealer. When they married at Gloucester Cathedral, she wore a headdress commissioned by the then-unknown Treacy, which marked the start of their friendship.

Isabella's appearance - Wallis Simpson as envisaged by Salvador DalĂ­ - at the front row of fashion shows became as eagerly awaited as the collections themselves. She once wore a jewel-encrusted lobster on her head, and on another occasion an outfit, inspired by Joan of Arc, which included a heavy, oily chain that she dragged behind her. Afterwards, she visited Karl Lagerfeld at his Paris home and dragged the dirty chain all over his plush cream carpets.

At a lunch with Nicholas Coleridge, managing director of Condé Nast, she wore a pair of antlers covered in a heavy black lace veil. When he asked how she would able to eat, she said: "Nicholas, that is of no concern to me whatsoever."

Towards the end of her life, Isabella had become as recognisable as the designers and young artists she championed. The Design Museum held an exhibition in 2002 entitled When Philip Met Isabella, celebrating the relationship between Treacy and his muse. In 2004, she had a cameo appearance in the film The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.

She is survived by Detmar and a considerable hat collection.

Friday, November 20

Writers Writing

There's nothing to writing.
All you do is sit down at a typewriter
& open a vein.

Walter Wellesley "Red" Smith

Wednesday, November 18

Some People Love Animals

Today, i felt deeply disturbed, therefor i
thought i'd disturb you. This artist was somehow inspired by
intimate bestiality, it thought it was horrible enough to be shared.

Sunday, November 15

Knick Knackery

So in the spirit of doo-dad's, trinkets & (as my mother would call them) useless knick knacks. I went perusing through Urban Outfitters' section of nothingness & found many a useless treasure <3
Duet Un: Pink Swiss Army Knives, for the fashionable & effeminate Macgyver AND a mini portable Ouija Board, for contacting spirits on the go!
Duet Deux: Podling! A bag full a seeds you put in the sun & water so that you can have herbs in 7 days... given that you knew you needed herbs in 7 days, you'd be in business AND a key shaped bottle opener, something pretty to accompany you in getting drunk and sleeping with your friends dad!
Duet Trois: Cupcake soap on a rope, to give the illusion you're washing yourself with a sugary treat AND a feather USB drive... k that's actually pretty cool.
Duet Quatre: Coolest ipod skin ever AND mustache Band-Aid's that way miserable girls in high school can replace those awful fake half-sleeves with fake facial hair.
Duet Cinq: WTF photo album AND "get the hint" sticky notes, for being passive aggressive with your roommates.

J'adore things aren't that useful.

Wednesday, November 11

Top Shop Loven

TopShop 11.11