Sunday, November 15

Knick Knackery

So in the spirit of doo-dad's, trinkets & (as my mother would call them) useless knick knacks. I went perusing through Urban Outfitters' section of nothingness & found many a useless treasure <3
Duet Un: Pink Swiss Army Knives, for the fashionable & effeminate Macgyver AND a mini portable Ouija Board, for contacting spirits on the go!
Duet Deux: Podling! A bag full a seeds you put in the sun & water so that you can have herbs in 7 days... given that you knew you needed herbs in 7 days, you'd be in business AND a key shaped bottle opener, something pretty to accompany you in getting drunk and sleeping with your friends dad!
Duet Trois: Cupcake soap on a rope, to give the illusion you're washing yourself with a sugary treat AND a feather USB drive... k that's actually pretty cool.
Duet Quatre: Coolest ipod skin ever AND mustache Band-Aid's that way miserable girls in high school can replace those awful fake half-sleeves with fake facial hair.
Duet Cinq: WTF photo album AND "get the hint" sticky notes, for being passive aggressive with your roommates.

J'adore things aren't that useful.

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