Sunday, November 22

More Completely Unnecessary Knick Knacks

My new obsession with finding the most useless shit ever conceived has finally been satisfied, behold the "Everything Else" section of Etsy's wonderful treasures.

From Left: An "original one of a kind" Twilight inspired painting for $15, a lovely brass necklace with a picture of Jesus on it... & a completely unnecessary somehow mystically knotted ball of yarn...

From Left: Bad Luck Banishing Powder (i think if you have actually bought this, a glass bottle with oregano in it can't even save you now) & a beautiful humming bird feeder hat (the sales pitch for this is so excellent "Imagine having two beautiful little hummingbirds feeding just to the right and left of close you can feel the breeze generated by the beating of their wings. You can have this experience with this hummingbird hat!"... it's a helmet... with bird feeders attached)

Ukrainian Egg with a depiction of Samantha from Bewitched on it, Armor made from armadillo bone & a Plush Uterus with a missing ovary.

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