Thursday, November 5

After A Long Day Of Baking Infant Pie, I Threw My Scrotum Hat On & Went Out To Claw The Paparazzi *Sigh*

I think everyone knows how much i love, adore but most of all fear Lady Gaga (Who has a scrotum head in this picture... and also seems to be covered in flour or something, probably from slaving over a hot oven baking infants all day) ANYWAY so in the appreciation of miss scrotum heads mastery in the art of song writing.... or her mastery in having other people write bad songs for her... i don't really care to know... i thought "What would be better than Christopher Walken doing a reading of scrotum heads Pa-Pa-Pa Poke Her Face?" The entertainment Gods heard my irrelevant prayers PLEASE watch the video HERE it's really too good to pass up.

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