Monday, November 2

Octagons : "It's just like you said, i live in my head "

The month where we instill pants pissing fear in kids & then encourage them to beg the neighbors for food, brought me "Wade In The Water" by Eva Cassidy, such a cool jazzy version of this song! Beautiful! "Speaking a Dead Language" by Joy Williams & "Sweet Love" by James Yuill which were both discovered on the Grey's Anatomy season premier, "Heard Em Say" by Kanye West ft Adam Levine which i heard at a party this month & realized how totally in love i was with this song back in the day (also, i heard Kanye West was on suicide watch because everyone hates him for beating Rihanna within an inch of her life... Oh no wait that was Chris Brown, who in other news, is not on suicide watch.
So I'm throwing some love on Kanye West) "Hologram" by Katie Herzig, just a good tune. "Gone Away" by Lucy Schwartz, i really enjoy her lyrics.

Anyway, Enjoy. My little Nuggets.

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