Monday, May 25

"Hello, Gorgeous."

Brittany's New Favorite Movie! Funny Girl (1968)

It's "based on the life of Broadway & film actress and comedian Fanny Brice,
her stormy relationship with professional gamble Nicky Arnstein
and her love affair with her own career."
(K, i totally copied some of that off of Wiki, but it's difficult to embody
the plot of this movie in a non specific way... for me.)
Just- it has Barbara Streisand in it... that is all you need to know.

I found a link to it so that i can share the love,
it's split up into 18 parts
which is a bit of a pain in the ass but the movie is worth it.

Watch it here:

Embarrassing Anecdote Time:
I'm so obsessed at this point i began openly weeping today in Starbucks
because i was watching this movie on my laptop
and Barbara S was singing "My Man".

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