Tuesday, September 8

Awkward Turtle: Honky.

As a whiney white person myself, i like it when people take a good stab at us. Whatever makes you feel better. K I'm just kidding. However, i often wonder if there's a place where all elitist whining could be concentrated into one place, an open forum where upper class white people could complain about firefox, bluetooth & pinkberry employees. So i found this lovely website www.whitewhine.tumblr.com
(which i actually found on "How Much Do We Love...")
Your welcome republican white friend reading this.
New examples of white people complaining are posted everyday! My favorites include:

Complaint #494
Ugh i bought a lemon Perrier by mistake! seriously tastes like dishwashing liquid!
Complaint #472
My "luxury" sedan has seat heaters but no seat coolers? Black leather seats are brutal in the summer.
Complaint #460
I just went all around Europe and EVERYONE knows english- I barely used any of my translation apps!

Brittany Out.

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