Sunday, September 20

Efforts Towards Happiness

Alright so lately I've been very unhappy, just over worked and exhausted. To be honest it really isn't working for me SO to combat this general state of misery I took a tip from my mothers self-help books and wrote a list of ways i can be happier, though the list had no particular limitations, I thought 40 was a nice round number. Experienced but not necessarily senile. So i wrote myself this little letter & i thought I'd share it with the winternet because i figured: Who wants to be unhappy?

Dear Brittany, Here Are 4o Ways You're Going To Be Happier.

1. Take a walk. Even in the dead of winter.
2. Set your alarm really early so that you have time to wake up, to mentally prepare yourself for the day & to enjoy the peace and silence of the morning.
3. Get more sleep.
4. Every morning finish this sentence: "My purpose today is..."
5. Be empathetic. You're not the only person in the world.
6. Stop wasting time reading Perez Hilton. Read something you're proud to have said you've read.
7. Pray often, for other people more so than yourself. God likes that.
8. Eat more green food.
9. Drink more tea than coffee.
10. When you're blood sugar plummets, eat almonds & nuts (instead of Starbuck's Pastries & Swedish Berries).
11. Clear out clutter.
12. Ignore gossip.
13. Learn something valuable everyday.
14. Eat 3 meals a day. In other news, muffins aren't meals.
15. Smile.
16. " It's the same world that has brought you down, as the one that's going to pick you up" - Maria Taylor's 'A Good Start'
17. Find more to laugh about.
18. Stop holding grudges, you don't even remember what half of them are about.
19. You don't have to win every argument.
20. Make peace with the past. You're letting it spoil the present.
21. Stop comparing yourself to people who do less than you do.
22. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. " - Eleanor Roosevelt
23. Look at crisis in worst case scenario & then decide if it's really THAT bad.
24. You can't please everyone. Stop trying.
25. Stop caring about what other people think of you, start caring about what you think of you.
26. Everything heals with time.
27. Stay close to the people who know you best.
28. Get rid of everything that isn't either useful, beautiful or joyful.
29. Jealousy will make you feel stupid, compensation will make you look stupid.
30. Value your education more than anything else. It's the only thing no one can take from you.
31. "The best is yet to come"
32. "80% of success is just showing up" - Woody Allen
33. Embrace your family. Be nicer to your sister.
34. Before you go to bed every night complete these two sentences: "I am thankful for_" & "Today I accomplished_"
35. You're too blessed to be stressed.
36. At least once a day, stop everything and appreciate the circumstance.
37. Laugh when you can, apologize when you should & let go of what you cannot change.
38. Take more opportunities to be creative, that's something you need.
39. Let go of guilt, it's not getting you anywhere.
40. Celebrate small victories, give yourself credit for the good things you do.


  1. that list is great :) I think everyone needs to stop and do a lot of these things sometimes!

  2. I could really need that list now, since the autumn suddenly came and took me by surprise. beautiful blog btw!