Monday, September 7

Hay Hay.

My super amazing & painfully Canadian friend Hay Hay is now blogging about her addiction to NHL (predominantly about the flames)
Visit her witty, hysterical blog - which i read, but don't entirely understand, because i am a bad Canadian & i don't know anything about hockey. I am learning, slowly but surely.

Ch-ch-ch-check out Join The Rush!

Dear Hayley, don't be mad that i posted this fabulous picture of you drunk, in your flames shirt in front of the Canadian flag in Andrews dorm room on the internet, i think it's endearing & adorable. Love Brit.

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  1. Thanks Brit! You're a darling! I'm not mad at all, it's the only picture I could find for my profile that would illustrate my undying (and slightly crazy) devotion to the Flames and all things Canadian. I believe that was the horribly hungover west Edmonton mall day where we spent the entire time apologizing to each other for being horribly hungover and total downers?