Sunday, September 6

"How Much Do We Love..." People Who Make a Living Out Of Loving Things

A coworker referred me to this fabulous podcast called "How Much Do We Love..." (she fit the referral in the midst of mocking me while i held up knit fingerless gloves and exclaimed "how much do we love wool fingerless gloves?") They spend the whole time talking about new little weekly obsessions!
You can listen HERE or i believe they're available on itunes.
On the last show (09/04/09) hosts Sara Davis & Rob Lindley loved:
  • White wine
  • TV "crossover" episodes
  • Lavern & Shirley
  • & Ruby
If I were to love things today (hypothetically speaking, given that i loved) they would be: art, foamy lattes, fall & making out like I'm 16 and my parents think my boyfriend & I watching Hairspray in the basement. Bow Chica.

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