Wednesday, September 23

I Only Back Down For Realism & Glee

No one necessarily NEEDS anything but it would be really nice if the clothing fairies would bring me the following two tops, though i am usually opposed to tee shirts for reasons I'm not entirely sure of... except maybe because i was so opposed to the "insert ironic statement about breasts or politics about which i know next to nothing except for what is stated here on this tee shirt" here tee shirts' ... because if no one listens to you, they'll definitely listen to your tee shirt. ANYWAY: The "I Heart Realism" tee shirt, which is fabulous and ironic.
Also, the "I'm a Gleek" tee shirt. In support of my new favorite show, which is on TONIGHT at 9 everyone!

"My body is like a warm chocolate soufflé, if i don't warm it up, it doesn't rise. "

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the T-shrit fear! I only have one printed t-shirt in my closet, and it's allowed because a) it's from urban outfitters, and b) it has a beautiful "seemingly painted on" picture of a peacock on it. I like the realism one know, only ironic shirts about the irony of ironic shirts are really allowed!