Tuesday, September 29

Nothing Says Love Like Food

I am a particularly big fan of messages through food. I think food just manages to say all of the right things, in all of the right ways. In the same way that double fudge ice cream says "you don't need [insert ex-significant other here]", cake say's "happy birthday", home cooked dinner says "welcome home" and chocolate covered bacon says "i might be pregnant". For me, nothing say's "i love you, please stop acting like a bitch"
louder than coffee but if you wanted to take it one unnecessary step further and literally put it in the cup.
Offers a lot of different stencils (an uncomfortable amount of cat stencils as well as customized text stencils!)
I liked the "I Love You" stencil because you could unconventionally express love, as well as remind yourself you love you, whatever you want to do, it's just something pleasant to wake up to. What would i write if i were to customize a stencil you ask? Oh wait, you didn't ask? You don't care?
I'd write "You're probably late, rock this coffee in an environmentally friendly to-go cup, you bitch."

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