Wednesday, September 16

Question: Do we think Lady Gaga ever wears a t-shirt and some jeans & goes to Starbucks?

Here's the thing.
Lady Gaga's VMA performance was kind of thrown under Kanye West's attention grabbing bus, and hasn't really been talked about in great length I've found. In case you missed it there were diamond encrusted bunny masks involved, at one point she pretended to be a quadriplegic, she sang in "man voice" the entire time (I'm guessing because it's more fun to have people guessing wether your a hermaphrodite or not than anything else) & eventually she had what looked like a surprise leak in her panties and spread it all over her face.

This should scare the living shit out of you. Why in the hell is this cool? I get that she's doing something no one else has ever done before, but there's a reason they haven't done it. Because it's gross & sort of terrifying. I don't know if stringing herself over the stage covered in blood was a metaphor for the kind of spectacle of a life she leads, or the exploitation that she's experienced or if it was a symbol for woman hood because we're supposed to believe that she's menstruating.

Either way. Just stop it.

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