Monday, September 28

Look i Have More Friends!... Stop Looking Surprised.

Apart from Ms. Mutch, i have very few blogging friends, but thankfully Sanja (It's a common name in Croatia) has joined us in our efforts to waste time :) Cheers for communal distraction!
Anyway. My lovely friend Sanja shares her terrific musings with the world through Three Pears.
She's full of wit and satire & this week featured one of the funniest comedians I've ever had the pleasure of stalking.

Dear Sanja Avramovic, how adorable and old is this picture?
Too bad the boys were too cool for us,
otherwise they might be able to look back now and notice how adorable they are.
Too bad.

1 comment:

  1. Bob!
    I didn't even realize you did this!

    I remember the exact moment that picture was taken too! Oh the boys are too cool and ordering chinese? We shall have an adorable photo session instead. They wouldn't even turn around to join in on our moment capturing fun!

    Ha, yay you, and blogs!