Wednesday, September 9

Paaarrrrtttaaayyy: Homebody Edition.

The biggest part of my night tonight will be the airing of Glee's second episode (I'll leave it up to you to judge whether or not that's pathetic). The new series - from the wonderful mind of FOX - follows a high school Glee club (although i think this is a tad different from high school musical - mainly because there are actors in it). The first episode came out awhile ago, it was really hilarious & gave me warm fuzzy feelings about being painfully unpopular in high school. WATCH IT!

The second biggest part of my night will be the season premier of America's Next Top Model, which has become literally painful to watch. Watching Tyra Banks theatrics on this show is comparable to watching the really bad American Idol auditions - you know they're really serious about this, that people have told them it's a good idea (they may or may not have done so to be cruel). Last years season premiere i was so embarrassed for Tyra Banks as she made an entrance shouting "I AM THE GODDESS OF FEIRCE & I AM TIRED!".

Third biggest part of my night (this is a big night) will be the season finale of The Real World Cancun - my predictions you ask? Joey (the male whore) will hook up with arch enemy the irritating and bi-curious Aiiya. Emily & Jonnai might get involved (wouldn't be the first time). Derek will cry, Aiiya & Emily will definitely cry, Jonnai will beg for her boyfriends forgiveness for being such a sleaze.

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  1. This was almost my exact same night.
    We are awesome.