Thursday, September 10

No one tells me anything.

HOW HOW HOW did i not know about the newest Michael Cara movie Paper Hearts until today? It's like i don't even know myself anymore.
It looks adorable and has that kind of painfully awkward embarrassing comedic quality to it that i love about Michael Cara movies, the main character in Paper hearts is actually Charlyne Yi who i instantly remembered from Knocked Up as Jodi the girlfriend of Seth Rogan's (Who is in the movie!) hairy roommate! & she had that line
"You must be angry when the baby steals your food huh ? Like 'ooh that's mine not yours!' but you know because you're family you guys share"

So 'Paper Hearts' is a fake documentary - or a movie about the making of a documentary about Charlyne Yi & how she doesn't believe in love, which falls apart when she meets Jake (Michael Cara). It looks funny! Watch the trailer HERE please.

Update. Charlyne Yi & Michael Cara are actually dating! That makes this movie much more appealing.


  1. I heard about this movie a couple weeks back and can't wait until it comes out!! That's actually Micheal Cara's real life girlfriend too! So romantic, and there is probably a killer soundtrack too... is it a date??

    Also, have joined the ranks of other bloggers

  2. I heard about this movie a couple weeks back. I really want to see it once it comes out! Or has it come out? Charlyne is actually Micheal Cara's real life girlfriend too! So the movie is supposed to be doubly romantic, and probably has a wicked soundtrack! I say we make a date of it!

    Also, I have joined the ranks of the blogging world-

  3. THEY'RE DATING?! Ugh i never know anything. I'm checkin' it out. We're bloggers now. NBD.