Monday, October 19

Sometimes I Wonder if My Dog is Embarrassed to Be Seen With Me

To be entirely honest, I've been more concerned about my pugs halloween costume than my own, in fact I'm debating wether or not to take him trick or treating, I wonder if people would offer dog treats.... In any case, last year he was a football player and the year before that he was a cheetah (it was a really sweet costume, he wore it for a whole 30 seconds.) So after extensive googling, I've picked out the best pug halloween costumes and below are my top favorites.

Thought the pink unicorn is a little effeminate, I'm sure that MY dog has the confidence to pull it off.
I wish Chase was black so that he could be the spider, who has ever heard of a fawn spider? Is that racist?
I love the wings on the Bee costume, i wonder how long before he tries to eat them.
I already think pugs look like Yoda (Or those little teddy bear creatures from episode 2).

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  1. YODA YODA YODA! Chase look adorably nerdy he will.