Monday, October 19

A Light At The End Of A Literary Tunnel

So in Dramatic Lit 1135, it seems to be mainly theater students (which is a tragedy in itself), but that's not the only thing that makes the class unpleasant... In the past month I've read Medea, The Second Shepards Play, St. Georges Play, Oedipus Rex and the lesser of all evils Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. So when i opened Pygmalion i was filled with such dread and resentment. After the second line i almost jumped out of my seat screaming "OH MY GOD IT'S MY FAIR LADY", i have seen My Fair Lady roughly 700 times, it is one of my favorite movies! Which is why i feel particularly stupid not knowing that it was adapted from Shaw's "Pygmalion". Anyway, the play is absolutely delightful to read, even if you've seen the movie or the play, it'll definitely become an all time favorite! It has made my Dramatically Literary month a little more bearable.

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