Wednesday, October 28

I'm Going to Pretend That Hayley Mills is Lindsay Lohan & That Lindsey Lohan is Felicity Huffman... & that Felicity Huffman is Betty White.

Hell Low Neigh Bur.
Sunday night i had a dream about the movie Pollyanna. The one with Hayley Mills. Recalling how much i had enjoyed the movie i found the whole thing on youtube, but the "Also Recommended" section suckered me in and since then, I've watched: That Darn Cat, The Trouble With Angels & Summer Magic.
SO How much do we love Hayley Mills? She's the wholesom teen actress i wanted Lindsay Lohan to be... now Lindsay Lohan looks like she's wandered off from the set of Real House Wives of Atlanta.
Anyway, look for some of these movies, they're funny and heart warming and the perfect antidote from the immense pressures of having to read Greek mythology.

As a fun afterthought, in a dramatic lit class we were talking about the complication that exists among scholars in regards to the evolution of spelling in the english language.
For instance the word GHOTI is actually the word fish. Think about it.
Think: Enough, Women, Station.

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