Tuesday, October 20

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby.

I have this sneaking suspicion you wanted to know some incredibly strange sex related facts.
You're welcome.

1. Sex is the safest tranquilizer in the world, 3 times more effective than valium.
(A method they could use in hospitals... I wish i could openly get to it on a plane.)
2. Male bats have the highest rate of homosexuality of any mammal.
(Confirms my suspicions about Batman)
3. The word "gymnasium" comes from the greek word gymnazien which means "to exercise naked".
(Giving High School gym an entirely new meaning.)
4. An adulterous Greek male was sometimes punished with the removal of his pubic hair & the insertion of a large radish into his rectum.
(Part of me is wishing this was a public ceremony... preformed by a barber... and a radish farmer)
5. The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time television were Fred & Wilma Flinstone.
(This doesn't surprise me. They ARE the modern stone age family.... Pebble probably likes women.)
6. The average person spend 600 hours having sex between age 20 & 70.
(Ironically, this seems like an entirely unproductive, it's comparable to video game statistics)
7. Condoms exposed to smog & pollution are 25% less effective.
(The Canadian government should advertise that, as motivation to get people to start recycling more frequently. Don't want to impregnate your girlfriend? Recycle your cans)
8. The word "Hockey" is Archaic slang for "semen".
(Canadians love semen. Hayley Mutch will not be pleased)
9. People who chew a lot of ice have a higher sex drive
(How on earth does one obtain that statistic? Or more importantly, who ever thought of actually testing it so that it could some day be statistically factual?)
10. Women who read romance novels have sex twice as often as those who don't.
(Stack up on your drug store paperback porn ladies)
11. 85% of men who die of heart- attacks during intercourse, are found to have been cheating on their wives.
(HA, When to know if Jesus is smiting you...)

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  1. I love this post, and sex. YAY! Also, totally tried to figure out how many hours I've racked up. Don't know how someone would be able to measure that, and especially generalize it to an age range. I am questioning these sexy stats, but they're fun anyways.