Sunday, October 18

Hilary Duff Puts On Her Actor Face To Ruin My Monday's

So for what is easily the biggest tragedy on television this year, Hilary Duff has joined the cast of Gossip Girl. The acting on Gossip Girl is already incredibly poor, i can't begin to understand what the thought process was that lead someone to believe that Hilary Duff would be a good addition to anything. That's like putting glitter on a pimple. She always has this dumbfounded look on her face... it's her actor face. As of last week, i have boycotted Gossip Girl. I'll be happy to return to the show after Hilary Duff's big teeth and have been dismissed from the cast.

1 comment:

  1. As if it's not enough I have to watch her on the jumbotron every time she attends a hockey game...she has unfairly invaded both of our worlds. Down with Duff!