Thursday, October 15

My Chick on the Side Says She's Got One on the Way.

Hello Blog Observing Community, I have nothing substantial to share with you today. However, every so often i like to openly share my personal information with the interweb. To keep me from blogging about my banking information, here are some of my weird secrets.

Confession #1: Sometimes when i hear car alarms outside or something starts beeping, i plug my ears to see if the noise is in my head because I'm terrified that one day I'll just wake up and have schizophrenia. It's never in my head.

Confession #2: This is my second year of writing analytical essays about obscure poetry and gruesome plays. Last year, i got almost all A's my lowest grade was a B. I don't think i wrote anything last semester without at least a miniscule amount of alcohol in my system. I decided for my first two papers of the year I'd avoid drinking, i got a C grade on both of them. I'm beginning to think that one little glass of wine keeps me from sabotaging myself by suppressing my insane tendency for perfection. I'm going to need to get my stomach pumped after my dissertation...

Confession #3: The other night i had a dream that Cinderella had sex with the Beast, and Belle came home and Cinderella had to go sneaking out like a common whore. It was very disturbing.

Confession#4: I like to color in my agenda with pencil crayons but I'm embarrassed to open it in public because i think people will think i can only function if things are presented to me in the way they would be if i were a four year old. I just think the colors brighten up my day, but i don't want to have to tell everyone around me that because I'm afraid they'll then be afraid of the broad yelling at them about her agenda... so i just don't write in my agenda.

Confession#5: I have considered paying someone to clean my room with me, because it needs to be done and i need to organize my closet but i have so many clothes and no place to put them. Every time i start, i get overwhelmed and i just give up and have a nap.

Confession#6: When i get upset about something, i buy a new article of clothing. Usually I'm upset because I'm in debt, which i remedy by buying myself something pretty.

That's how Sue C's it.

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