Saturday, October 31

Combatting Halloween Sluttiness.

Kay, so given that it's Halloween, i thought I'd ramble about something seemingly insignificant. The pressing issue today is Halloween Sluttiness. When did it become okay to dress like a street walker as long as it's halloween? How did we go from dressing like a Bumble Bee going door to door acquireing candy to getting black out drunk in a plastic polyester nurses outfit, wearing 25 inch heels and no underwear? It's october people, it's fucking cold, WHY in the name of God are you tramping it up downtown in your underwear? & How come fat girls can't find form fitting costumes? I believe that beautiful women come in all different sizes, but maybe if you have a significant amount of flesh a certain percentage of that should be covered up, I don't think skinny girls should be wearing slutty outfits either, but somehow it looks much worse when your huge ass has managed to completely absorb your spandex shorts and your skin is bursting out of your fishnets like a caged animal & you look like some kind of misshapen mound of playdough, you should RETHINK your halloween costume.

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