Sunday, October 4

The Most Effective Excuses For Urinating In Your Slacks

Tis the season to try every which way to scare you shitless. I don't usually like modern day horror movie's, the shitty CGI, the horrible obscure actors, cheap shock value and awful script, they usually amount to about 180 minutes of a half naked woman running away from a crazed monster/alien/psychopath. That's 180 minutes of your life that you can never get back. All that aside, I've recently seen the trailer for the new independent film Paranormal Activity. I had my hand up on the computer screen about 2:30 of the 3 minutes it played. It looks so genuinely terrifying (not Lady Gaga terrifying... like Mothman Prophesy terrifying, that movie's given me nightmares for 6 years dammit), so it's not playing in most theaters, i think you have to actually request a screening in your city/ university/ den/ whatever/ why am i doing this annoying thing with the slashes/ local theater. Watch the trailer HERE fear mongrels.

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