Thursday, December 10

Steez Quizzes

01. Best style advice from your parents? Black goes with everything.

02. Style Icons? Barbara Streisand's character in "What's Up Doc?", Agyness Deyn, & Jackie Kennedy.

03. Describe your personal style: This season, I'm quite into this motorcycle chic movement(i feel like i hate that word "chic"), but still feminine and a bit of that "nerdy kid in the 70's" look. I'm very much inspired by my parents high school yearbook.

04. Personal Style quirk: Owl Jewelry.

05. Favorite designers: Alexander Mcqueen.

06. Most underrated item in menswear/ womenswear? The cape.

07. Your next "must have" purchase? Studded bracelets.

08. Favorite Book? The Metropolitan Life by Fran Lebowitz. Always.

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