Friday, December 11

Get Your Hur Did.

I only recently found out that buying a hair brush goes far beyond picking up a general black brush when mine becomes completely mangled. Apparently, there's a specific brush to match each specific hair type. Now i pride myself of having incredibly healthy hair. I've never dyed it, every few months i have dead ends snipped off, I always air dry- i never use a hair dryer (because of heat damage), I use the occasional hair mask & i pretty rarely straighten my hair (also because of heat damage). So i figure if i don't know about this maybe other people don't know... OR I'm just stupid. Either one!

Paddle hair brush - Paddle brushes are flat and wide. They help in brushing long hair and for styling them. Brushing your hair with paddle brush also gives you a slight scalp massage. These brushes are used to style layers, as they do not add volume to layers.

Cushion Style - This type of brush is best suited for medium-length hair, which is generally smooth and straight. This brush gives you a massage effect. Styles, which are made out of this brush, are box shaped bob, the classic graduated cut and a disconnected outline.

Sculpting Brushes - This kind of brush is best suited for backcombing and it adds volume to short and textured styles. Such brushes are generally used for short cuts, round layers and textured outlines.

Thermal Round Brush - Thermal round brushes are available in different sizes such as jumbo sized, large medium and small. Small round brush acts as a roller to get curls on your hair when used with the heat of a blow dryer. Large round brush smoothen your hair. The length of your hair decides which type of brush to be used so that it can give a different style to your hair.

Thermal Flat Brush - This brush acts like a flat iron, which smoothness and straightens your hair without any kind of bend. Never use brush on wet hair. It is advisable to use wide-toothed comb. When ever you backcomb your hair start combing your hair in small section

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