Sunday, December 6

Mo' Shave November: "I Wish You Health & More Than Wealth, I Wish You Love"

Novemeber is kind of a nothing month here in the great white north (i like to make it sound as if I'm blogging from an igloo) as our Thanks Giving is in October, so instead the hockey loving beer drinking men of this country mark the nothing month by refusing to shave, i think this has something to do with play-offs OR they're preparing themselves for cold weather.
Anyway, nothing month November ushered me to a few old favorites like Death Cab for Cutie's "Coney Island", "Heartbreaker" the excellent result of a duet between John Legend and MSTRKRFT. Regina Spektor's "One More Time With Feeling" was a lovely song i found on Halyey Mutch's playlist (I know I'm unoriginal but i like that song goddamnit!) Dean Martins "Your Nobody Till Somebody Loves You", this really excellent live version of The Frey's "You Found Me", Lykke Li's "Let It Fall" & by recommendation of my strange poetry prof: "Hurt" by Johnny Cash.

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