Thursday, December 3

Charles Francis Xavier

My dear boyfriend wants to get an animal companion for his new home, because i have a pug & we adore him, he's thinking about getting a french bulldog, a similar breed. We've already named him Charles Francis Xavier, (& no you can't call him Charley or Charles or X you HAVE to call him Charles Frances Xavier) SO i, being the caring girlfriend i am, did some research, made a little pro's and cons list.

Short & Chunkay
Big expressive eyes.
Easy-care coat
Amiable with everyone - LOVES people.
Doesn't need that much exercise
Doesn't bark unless to announce visitors
Very stubborn
Constant shedding
Snorting, grunting, loud snoring (but i find that endearing)
High cost

(High costs: because they have to be delivered through cesarian sections
& they're not especially sexual, usually artificially inseminated...
however this means you'll had a dog that doesn't hump anything)

I found some links of french bulldogs doing adorable things: