Tuesday, August 25

This Wasn't Challenging: i Love Talking About Myself Today

The 50 Quick Facts Challenge.

1. I believe that everyone has a specific energy attached to them and different people interpret it differently.
2. I'm faster in water than I am on land.
3. I saw on Grey's Anatomy that a hug calms the sympathetic nervous system & now every time i hug someone i wonder if I'm being physically calmed.
4. I mumble in my sleep.
5. I need a certain amount of creative chaos to survive.
6. The first thing i said this morning was "Why is the light on? Why do you hate me?"
7. I'm excited for tomorrow.
8. I hate the taste of pickles & bacon. Especially together.
9. I like going to restaurants by myself so that i can eavesdrop on other peoples conversations.
10. I don't like any salad dressing that's opaque.
11. I don't want to drive because accidents involving vehicles kill more people than heart disease does.
12. I love clothes because i like the idea of wearing art on my body.
13. I want to go to Europe next summer but I'm afraid of traveling alone because i don't trust strange foreign men - or locally based men, and i don't want to travel with a tour guide because then i won't be able to do what i want to do.
14. I'm afraid my cup always looks half empty, but i don't think I'm a pessimist, i just expect a lot out of myself.
15. When i retire i want to buy a vineyard and spend my life getting dirty and drinking wine.
16. Lately I've been feeling nauseated in the mornings _ & NO I'm not pregnant, I think the dawn wants my bile.
17. My father wanted to name me Stephanie, my parents named me Brittany & i changed it to Edie.
18. I don't like sports, i don't like to play them and i have no interest in watching them. I hate it when women pretend they do.
19. My baby blanket is in near-to-mint condition.
20. I'm naturally drawn to selfish people.
21. I'm very curious about peoples lives, not in what they do, but what they intend to do, which brought them to where they are in this exact moment in time.
22. I don't really like animals.
23. I can't sleep with the door open because I'm afraid someone would walk in while i was sleeping and i would never notice.
24. I prefer my pug Chase over real people.
25. I'm afraid of how often i change my mind - but i know that everyone has to evolve.
26. When i was younger i just wanted to be famous, now i just want to be heard.
27. When i was little I had an imaginary friend named Henry Fossy, he was a character from my favorite movie & the first novel i ever read: Charlottes Web.
28. I thought i liked cats, then i lived with a roommate who had a cat. I realize now that i hate cats.
29. I don't think getting married young is a bad idea. I do however, think that having children before you're 30 should be illegal.
30. I always forget to wear my seat belt.
31. I have dreams about the people i love being in violent car accidents on deserted roads.
32. I don't like it when women devalue themselves in everyday conversation, it bothers me, it makes me believe that we truly aren't equal.
33. I like thin crust pizza with JUST cheese on it.
34. My favorite flowers are peonies.
35. My favorite flavor of ice cream is New York Cherry Cheese Cake
36. I like smoothies but i never make my own because they don't taste the same as they do when you pay for them.
37. I've never failed a test.
38. I can't figure out how to de-subscribe to Gweneth Paltrow's goddamn newsletter. NO ONE ELSE GOES ON A 6 MONTH CLEANSE GWENETH, NO ONE SPENDS THE PRICE OF A SINGLE FAMILY HOME ON A JACKET BUT YOU. You're rich & you don't eat. We get it.
39. I have a charge account at the boutique i work at, i think it's about as dangerous as giving a four year old a loaded gun.
40. The best nights of the summer have been off color and spontaneous.
41. I love all of my jobs.
42. I love broccoli, no one ever liked it but me.
43. It's hard to find people who are easy to travel with, but so far I've been very lucky.
44. The last place i went out to eat was to Peters Drive-In with Shane, i had a whole cheeseburger & a butterscotch milkshake. Shane didn't want to admit he was impressed but I'm sure he was.
45. My new favorite song is "Come Pick Me Up" by Ryan Adams.
46. My favorite colors are light soft pink and an earthy green.
47. If i knew what kind of career i was going to have & i knew it wasn't something terribly professional I'd have my entire body covered in tattoos.
48. I'm so painfully bad at math.
49. It's 4 o'clock in the morning.
50. I've been drinking 2 cups of coffee/ day since i was 16. When i tried to stop i slept between 12-15 hours everyday.

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