Wednesday, August 19

The Performance Poetry Craze!

Okay, "Spoken Word Poetry" isn't necessarily new, nor is it a craze but this week it's my obsession (that is of course until i move on to something new - like sculptures of ankles or something.)
My Personal Top 3 Favorites Performance Poets Are:

Shira Erlichman: She was the Worcester Youth Grand Slam Champion in 2004 and the Worcester Grand Slam Champion in 2005, she was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, the Best of the Small Presses series.
My favorite of her performances are
(Which is more of a comical piece.)
(Which reminded me of my brother.)

Sarah Kay: Who is apparently very difficult to find information on, she's just a really amazing story teller and her piece "B" made me cry,

Talor Mali: Apart from being an extremely successful Slam Poet, he also spent 9 years teaching english, history and math & conducts workshops for teachers & students all over the world.
My favorite, of the performances I've seen, include:
(Which is both comical & profound)

I hope you enjoy them... & that this properly concludes this blog entry. The End.

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