Tuesday, August 25

If You Don't Like This I Won't Be Your Friend

So I had this website recommended to me by a carny (okay well not exactly a carny, but a carny-esq, seedy looking character) at the farmers market a few weeks ago.
www.buildanest.com - it's a type of micro-financing, specifically meant for empowering female artists around the world. They provide these artisans with: micro-finance loans, mentoring from established designers, as well as facilitating a proper outlet in which the crafts can be sold -either locally or internationally through the website.
"Instills pride of ownership, preserve ancient artistic traditions & successfully moves women from poverty to self sufficiency" -Build A Nest's Mission Statement
The empowerment of women in developing countries is a cause that i feel strongly connected to. Women are struggling all over the world, facing hardships which are further complicated by a lack of education, a caste system in which they're regarded as inferior to men & without opportunity to contribute to society. They often end up in factory jobs to support they're family where they work too many hours, for too little pay, in poor conditions. They remain undernourished & their family suffers, under these circumstances it's nearly impossible to break the cycle of poverty, but Build A Nest makes it possible.
The products are absolutely beautiful and it gives us an incredible opportunity to support these women.

(From Left: Salsa Bowls From a Loaner Recipient in Mexico, Sequin Clutch From a Loaner Recipient in Turkey & Hand-blown Glass Drop Earrings From a Loaner Recipient in Turkey. )

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