Tuesday, August 31

Tattoo Subjects Part Trois.

I love the simplicity of these two, a paper airplane and a homage to the perfect cup of coffee.

"I live to let you shine" from Boats & Birds song on the inside of the foot & two feathers facing opposite directions, the detail is so beautiful.                                              

Anchor piece "I woke up near the sea" & LOOK at the shading on the skull on chest. Lovely

"Shake the dust" (from poem above) i hate that placement, & an adorable airplane.

I would never do this. Pug owners are so insane.

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  1. hey i have a tatoo of a paper airplane i wanted some ideas how to make it pop i have a pic of it on facebook if you wanna see my email is javip512@live.com my name is Cynhia Lechga