Monday, August 23

Nothing of Use.

The following links are not useful for anything, but I have personally spent hours just staring at them. Anything that's consumed that much of my attention deserves blog recognition. Enjoy munchkins.


Zefrank Scribbler : Scribble your impaired little doodle and watch this website make your chicken scratch sad excuse for a penis drawing a masterpiece you'll be proud to tell your friends you're associated with.

HevelticToc : This tells time. I have no idea why i like it so much. 

Screen Cleaner : This look just like my Puggers. 

Jackson Pollock.Org : This is so that you can make a pathetic half cocked version of a Jackson Pollock painting. 

Wonderfl : I honestly can't even tell you what this is. It makes you feel like a spider fucking up a tightly knit web and spreading lice around. 

Mr.Doob Lab : The experience of being on LSD. Like being stuck in a fishbowl of frozen water droplets. 

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