Monday, August 30

Grease is The Word.

I am very proud of my hair. Ask any of my friends, i just can't shut the fuck up about how adoringly healthy it is. I've never dyed it, i get regular trims, but insist on growing it long. Though lately, after washing it once, or sometimes, twice a day I've really noticed that without a days wash it gets excessively oily. It does that to compensate for the insane amount of chemicals that strip out all of the natural healthy oils from my hair. During a journey through the depths of the interwebs I came across this article, about a BBC reporter who quit washing his hair (gross)- then BBC somehow convinced 5 women to participate in this experiment & they all had wonderful things to say. After further research i found that tons of people have changed their relationship status with a sudsy scalp massage every morning & are thrilled with the natural, thicker look of the new organic do. Were you aware, observing public, that shampoo's/ conditioners weren't even invented until the 30's? Pretty sure everyone wasn't running around stinking up a storm. In fact many women have replaced their pink plastic shampoo bottles with teaspoons of baking soda to soak up grease, and cider vinegar to recondition & have found the transition has made a world of difference.  I, Brittany Wood, annoying model of hair health, being of relatively sound mind, have committed to the No Shampoo Experiment. "How will i do it?!" you may be asking

1. Go from washing hair everyday to every second day & after a week, ween yourself down to every three days. 
2. Try to go 4 days without washing, just rinsing with water, massaging your scalp the same way you would when you wash it with shampoo.
3. After the fourth day try the baking SODA/ vinegar solution.
4. Report back. 

Wish me luck!


  1. i think it's baking soda : )

  2. This is true. I was thrown off by the fact that it's used for baking... & it's powdered.