Monday, August 16

Free The Vintage.

So Free People is currently featuring a vintage collection lace, hippy & denim. I sifted through plucking my personal favorites to share.

(From Luther to Ruby) Floral Babydoll dress $133CA, Oversized Carpet Bag $446CA, Crinkled Fabric Crop Top with Black Bows (Such an incredible layering piece) $133CA.

(From Luther to Ruby) 1970's Koos van Den Akker Blouse $133CA, 1990's Floral Boned Corset $41CA, 1970's Pink Silk Slip $133CA.

(From Luther to Ruby) Embroidered Vest $220CA, Eyelet Blouse $258CA, Painted Leather Cape $883CA.

(From Luther to Ruby) Patchwork Mini Dress $362CA, 1960's Levis Denim Shirt (so unique!) $258CA, Pink Cashmere Cardigan $310CA

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