Monday, July 12

You Are Who You Eat.

My dear friend Sanja Avramovic updates on the fruit & veggie's that are in season, which is fantastic because i never know what's in season & there's something about eating bananas in December that says "something here might have come from Nicaragua".  I'm not much of a carnivore myself, but I don't think I'm educated enough on the actual healthy healing properties of vegetables, so through extensive research (i googled "food")  I've come up with a comprehensive list on the individual purposes of specific vegetables:

This is pancakes... I'm not going to talk about pancakes in this entry at all... 
i just love this picture, plus now I've fooled you into thinking there might 
be pancakes here, thus forcing you to be educated on the chemical effects 
of your healthy food. See, i had an agenda all along. What a bitch.

DigestionBananas, asparagus, artichokes & onions!  All of which contain Prebiotics (the fibre that stimulates the good bugs) 

Vision Kale (gross. Only for the grossest of dutch people), spinach, peas, broccoli,eggs & Swiss chard. The Chard is especially rich in two carotenoids called lutein and zeaxanthin, which are also present in the eyes. It looks likely that diets rich in these beneficial compounds may protect eye health by helping to reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. 

Sun Protection: Tomatoes, red peppers, green tea, mackerel (wtf is mackerel?) & watermelon. Have all been proved to help aid in the protection of the skin against damage from UV light. 

Anti-Aging: Berries, broccoli, peppers, carrots & Coriander. Coriander especially, it contains good levels of betacarotene and vitamin C, two of the antioxidants thought to protect against age-related disease, and measures up pretty well against other antioxidant-rich fruit and veg. 

Healthy Liver (listen closely university students): Artichokes, rocket (...), blueberries, beetroot, broccoli & COFFEEIf I told you there was a drink that might reduce the risk of diabetes, Parkinson’s, cirrhosis, gallstones and liver cancer, you might be surprised to find it in Starbucks. But coffee is such a significant source of antioxidants that it could feasibly claim to be a health beverage. (see mom)

Cancer PreventionApples, oranges, parsley, tea, red wine & onions (which are particularly plentiful in quercetin, a compound that may possess cancer–protective properties.)

Immune BoostersGarlic, watercress, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds & curry

Weight Loss: some "fill you up foods" are usually low-energy- density which is favorable when trying to fend off weight gain. So lean your fat ass towards some corrugates, rye bread, apples, brown rice & celery.

Heart Helpers: Red wine, nuts, fish oil (omega3) & darker grapes (the darker the grapes, the higher the polyphenol levels are likely to be, these polyphenols are widely touted for their cardioprotective properties.)

Mood Lifters: Turkey, salmon, dark chocolate, bananas, oat cakes & black pepper. All have chemical effects similar to that of an antidepressant. 

MetabolismBrazil nuts, tuna, beef, cod, eggs & mussels ( my personal favorite, rich in selenium - involved in thyroid function, immunity & reproductive health... so eat and be fruitful).

Brain Food Sardines, salmon, mackerel (seriously), hempseed oil, pumpkin seeds & walnutsAll of which are rich in omega-3 fats, thought to improve learning & memory. 

Vitality: Liver, chicken, beef, lamb, beans, dried fruit & venison. None of this sounds appetizing at all but each is a significant source of protein, B vitamins, iron and zinc

If Your Eggo is PregoDark green leafy veg, dried figs, avocados, whole wheat & beetroot all provide natural folic acid, which fetuses like... 

Cleansing Foods: Beans, brown rice, lentils, oats & rye bread , the benefits of each include improved digestive health & the reduced risk of colon cancer & heart disease.

Energy FoodsMeat, oats, lentils, nuts, and butter beans. Packed full of a healthy combo of protein, complex carbohydrates and fibre, these guys boast an impressively low glycaemic index (GI). This means they provide a gradual release of nutrients into the bloodstream to stabilize energy levels

Bone Builders: Milk, chickpeas, spinach, broccoli, kale (damn you gross healthy dutch) & halloumi (a cheese made from sheep or goats milk, lower in fat & salt than most hard cheese). All good sources of calcium, essential for strong bones. 

Skin FriendlyOranges, strawberries, raspberries, peppers & sweet potato.

Hunger HeroesApples, porridge, beans, whole grains & cashew. (Cashews have a lower fat content than most nuts and most of it is ‘good’ fat.)

HormonesMiso, pumpkin seeds, leafy green veg, green tea & hemp seeds. (TIP For PMS Sufferers: put the butcher knife down & sprinkle hemp seeds on your cereal or buy cold pressed hemp seed oil as a dressing or a drizzler.)

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