Sunday, July 4


My newest obsession this month is nail polish (which is wildly inexpensive in comparison to my previous mania's) OPI makes a great polish, what i like best about OPI Nail Polish are the names they give their colors, below are some of my favorite colors from different groupings. You're welcome observing public 

A Dozen Rosas/ Barefoot in Barcelona/ Can You Tapas This?/ Who needs a Prince?/ To Day a Knight

A Little Nookie/ Cuddle By The Fire

A Oui Bit Of Red/ Don't Know.. Beets Me/ Matador Red/ Party In My Cabana/ All The Berry Best

Atomic Orange/ Lunch at The Delhi

Blue My Mind/ Breathe Life/ No Room For The Blues/ Teal The Cows Come Home/ What's With The Cattitude?

Black Onyx/ Give Me The Moon/ Light My Sapphire

Do You Lilac it?/ Funky Dunky/ Lincoln Park After Dark/ Party 'til Midnight

Gargantuan Green Grape/ Greenwich Village/ Jade is The New Black


  1. This has been one of my great obsessions over the past 6 months. I've bought every single mini set recently. Jade is the New Black is awesome, although strangely more green than dark teal.

    Should we go nail polish shopping? I know a place downtown, bottles are like 9.45, ridiculous!

  2. Also, I'm determined to design and name a set for O.P.I, a marketing student's dream. :D