Saturday, July 10

Things That Illicit Fleeting Joy: Dans La Past 6 Months

This has been a rough 6 months, though i barely have anything to complain about because I have good friends, good family, a great job & I'm moving away to a beautiful new city to pursue a career in something i love to do, it's hard not letting the big problems in my life overshadow the good, the following is a selection of things that have made me overwhelmingly glad to be alive over the passed few months :  

"Eat, Pray, Love", Burts Bee's Lip Balm, Sudoku for DS, 
making jokes about the city wide slut fest: Stampede, Bliss' Sage & Lemon body lotion, 
Children's Lit, Leopard print glasses from Wal-Mart, 
Rereading Harry Potter for a class - feeling my inner 9 year old falling in love all over again, 
hot summer afternoons at the dog park walking Chasamus, sky blue nail polish, 
Phil & Sebastian Latte's, Naked Green Machine Juice, maxi dresses and mid afternoon naps

 Voga Wine, raspberries, spending time with family, 
helping people on their summer English courses, Peonies, 
Chase can now go on a walk through the neighborhood off-leash, 
the incredible greenery created by what seemed like months of rain, 
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Futurama (since it's been picked up again), 
Watching Lindsay Lohan's life fall apart, Weeds, blue eyeliner, Chloe perfume,
FFFFOUND , documentary's about anything from food production to corporate abuses, 
and my newest notebook.

Taking pictures of flowers, trying to catch people shoplifting- I'm like the shoplifting Bounty Hunter, 
Sally Hanson Nail Polish Remover Pen, vegan desserts/ cocktails, french bulldogs, Sara Barialles, 
reading out loud to someone else, MJUS shoes, craft night, having someone sing for me, Aussie Rules, 
Steel Magnolias, my Anne Marino sandals i bought when i was 16 at a market in NY, 
gigantic rings, Scategories - with your own categories, Disney movies, "the panty bag",  

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