Monday, June 21

Tattoo Subjects Part Two

I hate the placement of this one but i love the quote "Don't let sleep overtake you the world's awake with you"

I like the size of the crane, but the piece i really love is the 
feather on her wrist, it's incredibly detailed, not so sure 
about the pearls though... i could do without them. 

I like that all of these pieces are related to travel
The compass, the ship <3 (i once read a poem that began 
with the words "I am a body of water"), the words "caxton tamed" & 
"There's a bluebird in my heart that wants to get out"

The cuff on her left sleeve is beautifully done ( not sure I'm crazy about the daisies on the left or the hearts for that matter, the buttons on her chest are amazing

I really like the bird silhouette. Beautiful idea.

I love the detail of the feather & i like the placement of it,
 i just wish it were a little more curved.

This could possibly be the most 
beautiful sleeve I've ever seen. I am obsessed with 
the peonies & choice of color.


  1. hi. i'm wondering where you got the picture of the peony sleeve tattoo. i was hoping to get a glance of the other side if it's someone you know... thanks~

  2. I would also like to know where you found the picture of the peony sleeve tattoo - it is beautiful!

  3. Yes, please post the link of the peony sleeve tattoo it is beautiful!

  4. i'd also like to see the other side of that sleeve!!! please share your source! :)