Monday, May 31

Some Sex Symbol for Your Monday.

I've always thought that Monroe represented some kind of marker in American history in terms of sexual expression and a tolerance for immodesty. Technically, Paris Hilton is the Monroe of our time, think about it: the baby voice, marketing themselves under the pretense that they're inept AND the awkward sexual promiscuity (which is both condemned and embraced). The only real differences were that: Monroe is timeless, [people forgot about Paris as quickly as they forgot about waterbeds... (that's a poor comparison, but seriously what happened to waterbeds??) TAKE TWO: as quickly as they forgot that Laura Bush killed someone.] and Monroe was actually- based on her older films, before the blond hair and the baby voice- relatively talented [Mind you i did see Paris Hiltons sex tape and if we're including blow jobs as a kind of skill... then maybe]. Anyway i could pay homage to Marilyn all day but I've taken far too much cold medication to focus my insignificant rambling to this specific outlet. There are ALWAYS people to annoy. 
Some of my favorite rare Monroe pictures

"I don't want to make money, i just want to be wonderful" 
-Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962)

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