Sunday, May 30

TPC Sounds Like A Hallucinogenic I'd Be Afraid to Take.

I thought I'd use this space to express my love for Tokyo Police Club. I only really went to the Metric concert last spring, (which ended up being quite good, except for the fact that The Deers were one of the openers & they had FAR too many band members... it was very upsetting for me) because Tokyo Police Club opened for them. THAT is how much i enjoy Tokyo Police Club. I know your thinking. "That's it? You didn't dig through the garbage outside their dressing room and sell the small use Kleenex's on eBay? Keeping the bigger ones for yourself to marvel at in many private moments?" To you i say: I only did that once. I'm still in touch with Shania Twain's people, we're working something out. 

A Collection of MY Favorite Tokyo Police Club Songs.

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