Sunday, January 17

Single Sentence Stories is a collection of true stories told in one sentence. I think some of them are so clever, here are a few from this month:

It was only after he demonstrated that he could accurately quote long passages of
Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises after eleven shots of tequila that i agreed to give him my number.
[2010-01-07 16:04:22]

Indy One Jeep
I knew what we really were when i realized that we had eaten our Christmas Dinner
out of a cooler from the back of a pick-up truck
[2010-01-11 14:47:40]

My mom told me that when you go to heaven, God gives you all of the balloons you
lost when you were alive.
[2010-01-03 10:34:20]

One of Three, Not Two
Having met my secret sister who no one knows i know about, all my mom's clever
little references didn't go unnoticed this holiday.
[2010-01-04 11:05:18]

Years from now, when we fix up our own home together, I'll recall the night we wandered
through Home Depot & spent 20 minutes in the doorbell section listening carefully to each one
[2010-01-07 11:27:50]

As i sat on the park bench in my Chuck Taylors & Buddy Holly glasses, a cup of
coffee in one hand, cigarette hanging from my mouth and a battered copy of
"On the Road" on my knees, I felt i was trying way too hard.
[2010-01-10 02:34:16]

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