Monday, January 4

Happy Two Zero One Zero!

I've been asked 100,000 times this week what my 2010 resolution is,
due to my overwhelming need for improvement in a variety of different areas, i have a few.

1. Make time to exercise during Winter semester.
2. DON'T rake up a disgusting amount of debt at the store! In fact you have no charge account!
3. Get organized! You have a lot of great things that you cannot even find because you're such a mess.
4. Give up meat. You don't even like it.
5. Be Grace Kelly. (i had this one last year too, but i feel like it's an ongoing journey, like everytime i fly off the handle at someone just keep asking yourself "Would Grace Kelly try and stab her family members with a broken wine bottle?" No she would not. WWGKD?!)

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