Thursday, February 4

Things That Have Made Me Happy This Year

So for the purposes of focusing on the positive, The following is a short list of things that have made me happy this year so far: Etgar Keret, lysine, Orba, making clever puns about the informal uses of the ipad in my head (imaxipad, ipadded bra), cocoa butter lotion, Margaret Atwood's "Year of The Flood", thick cottons socks, english lectures that are more like comedy shows, ice fog, hot pad, Phil & Sebastian Latte's, Naked Green Machine Juice, incredibly soft blankets from Urban Barn, sleeping during the day, really adorable text messages from my little boyfriend in the morning, Dragonette, home made Sangria, Emanuel Latreau's amazing chocolate croissants, story prompts, editing other peoples work, the way frost covers bare branches, when Chase runs to get something, runs into a piece of furniture instead & walks toward you with his head down like he's really ashamed... that's the cutest thing,, Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, watching TMZ videos of Tila Tequila crying, Make it Or Break it, Shoppers Optimum Card, raking up Shoppers Optimum points in just reeaaallly inappropriate purchases, coasting around FFFFOUND, Phillip Defranco, raising up the class average (FACE), Poladroid, That guy who asked the governor of New Jersey if he could fist pump, fingerless mittens, giving presents, black pomeranians, Awesome Blossoms, themed doorbells, Pac-Xon and OH MY GOD THIS

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