Thursday, March 25

Zombie Attacks.

Step 4: Early Strategies

  • In the early stages of an outbreak how you defend yourself is going to determine how far you advance as a survivor. There are a number of important strategies to self-defense that may seem simple, but are equally important.
Remember: anyone who has been bitten by a zombie cannot be saved. It's only a matter of time before they turn and put your entire survival operation at risk. A zombie attack is not the time to get emotional or nostalgic.

Running may sound like the simplest advice in the world, but when it comes to the traditional Hollywood zombie, it is probably your best defense. Since most traditional zombies move very slowly, run away as fast as you can, and never look back.

SartoriaLUST. MARCH HoTen.

March Sartorialust. Lots of great colors, textiles & interesting layering

Sunday, March 21

Some Good Advice.

Adulthood on Childhood.

My favorite comics used to be Natalie D but now i feel like it's morphed into the Cathy comics, 
so now i love, because I'm fickle & wishy washy.

Saturday, March 6

Dear Ginsberg, we will both be lonely.

Allen Ginsberg is my favorite person from this particular week in scholastics,


Drinking my tea
Without sugar- 
No difference 

The sparrow shits
upside down
--ah! My brain and eggs

Mayan head in a
Pacific driftwood bole
--Someday I'll live in NY

Looking over my shoulder
my behind was covered
with cherry blossoms.

Winter Haiku
I didn't know the names
of the flowers--now
my garden is gone.

I slapped the mosquito
and missed.
What made me do that?

Reading haiku
I am unhappy,
longing for the Nameless.

A frog floating
in the drugstore jar:
summer rain on grey pavements.
(after Shiki)

On the porch
in my shorts;
auto lights in the rain.

Another year
has past-the world
is no different.

The first thing I looked for
in my old garden was
The Cherry Tree.

My old desk:
the first thing I looked for
in my house.

My early journal:
the first thing I found
in my old desk.

My mother's ghost:
the first thing I found
in the living room.

I quit shaving
but the eyes that glanced at me
remained in the mirror.

The madman
emerges from the movies:
the street at lunchtime.

Cities of boys
are in their graves,
and in this town...

Lying on my side
in the void:
the breath in my nose.

On the fifteenth floor
the dog chews a bone-
Screech of taxicabs.

A hard on in New York,
a boy
in San Fransisco.

The moon over the roof,
worms in the garden.
I rent this house. 

Green Eyed Monster

Something that is neither dainty nor little,
this makes me laugh every time i look at it.
I'm laughing right now just mentioning it.